150mm fork suggestions

Not sure yet. I might try and rebuild it. Did not want to have any down time though. The coating on the uppers is scuffed up and so it needs new upper and a seals / bushings replacement.

I had visions of it failing while descending gnarly rocks at whopper and did not want to chance it.

I think it’s unlikely that you will be charged any duty. Most bike parts are duty free. What you should expect to get hit with is HST. Anything that is subject to HST if bought in Canada is also subject to HST if bought from outside Canada (with the exception of items you bring back from a trip that are within your personal exemption). As others have mentioned, sometimes things shipped by regular mail will get through without any charge. I’ve had it happen a number of times, but I wouldn’t count on it. If you get charged the HST, you’ll also get charged a handling fee or brokerage fee. I think Canada Post currently charges about $10 for this. Good luck!

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Is it a Fox? I can’t remember, I haven’t been on a group ride in ages. For some reason I’m thinking it’s a Rockshox. The gf has a Fox 32 with a busted damper that I’m trying to find a replacement (just the damper) for on the cheap.

No a Rockshox revelation stock from 2012 Reign 1.

I have a Revelation World Cup on my Jekyll. The new Pike was not out then and neither was the Lefty Maxx.

It’s been great and I love the adjustable low speed compression damping. I’ve done some lift/shuttle days with the bike at both Blue Mountain in Ontario and the Keppoch and you can get near it’s limits in the really rough fast stuff (black diamond technical trails), but it’s more than enough for most trail riding.

I have a Sid 120 World Cup on my Trek ex8. It has the carbon crown and has held up very well for the last three years. It’s a great fork and I’ve been riding on everything. If you are going from a 32mm to 34 or 35mm you will feel the change in stiffness. Popping off the rock lips on the power lines with my Pike you really notice the difference compared to the Sid.

Cool, I’m really going to have to put the push on to swap the 34 onto my Kona this weekend.

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I would have had it on last week. Love getting new stuff, doesn’t happen near as much as I would like it to. The Sid is awesome but the rock ledges here put it to the test. I think you’ll love the 34’s!

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I don’t know anything about headtube and steertube standards, but I did see on eBay that some forks were noted to have Overdrive2 tapered steerers that don’t fit a standard headtube/headset. Might want to just check into that to make sure your new fork will fit.

I was concerned about that too.

As far as I can tell normal tapered forks will fit OD2 frames with proper headset that reduces the top bearing inner to 1 1/8th. (from 1 1/4).

My 2012 Reign 1 came with a non-overdrive headset. I gathered this by looking at the specs for the 3 models some forks say OD2 and some do not. For example, the 2012 Reign 0 says “OverDrive 2 Steerer” whereas the Reign 1 does not say Overdrive but the Reign 2 says: “OverDrive Steerer”.

So I should be good, right. :wink:

I think Overdrive 1 or just Overdive is normal tapered. Right?

Ok more research… the frames are the same. An overdrive 2 fork does need a different stem and headset though.

I have replaced by stem with an 1 1/8 Raceface step without realizing the difference and had no problems. So once again, I think I’m good. Double wink. :wink: :wink:

Correct @JeffV.

Overdrive is the ‘standard’ tapered setup.

Overdrive2 is the oddball thing that Giant dreamed up that unfortunately I have. In order to swap to a ‘standard’ tapered fork I need to get a new top headset and a ‘standard’ 1 1/8" stem.

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Got the fork. They charged me tax and handling.

The lady at the PO said if the order is over 60 it is flagged.

The fork is configured for 170mm, I may try it at that. Will I notice the difference?

It is interesting that the fork is configurable for 27.5 as well.

Christmas in June! I’ve been riding this Pike since spring and I’m still tinkering with the set up. Seems everyone online has a different opinion. I was going to set it up as a 150mm but decided to ride it at 160mm for awhile. It seems fine the way it is. When I set it up to sag, i originally used the suggested pressures for my weight, I ended up draining a lot of air and am really enjoying the results. I’m sure I’m not going to be the only one curious about how this fork works out for you.

Looking at the sticker on the fork, it came configured as 160mm so I’m going to leave it.

The fork is really smooth, I can’t wait to give it a go but have some front brake caliper spacer issues to sort out.

Wow what fun! Smooth as silk, stiff where it needs to be and yet not noticeably heavier than my Revelation.


That’s about as good as any review I’ve ever read.

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