150mm fork suggestions

Looks like I’m in the market for a new fork.

Don’t have a heap to spend. (thinking less than 600)

Any suggestions for what is a decent fork that is affordable in the 150mm all mountain single crown matket?

I would love a Pike but cannot afford that.

26" wheel, 15mm qr axle, tapered.


Considering this one:
Manitou Mattoc Expert

Look at X Fusion forks. Solid forks from the reviews and the price is more reasonable than a new RS or Fox.


Or something used, and put the saved money into a new bike next year?

A 160mm Pike can be found for $699… only $100 more than the Mattoc. Any better? No idea. Used can also be a good way to go… I’ve scored a couple great forks that way, always good deals to be found on Pinkbike.

Where do you see the pike @gtrguy?

(It is getting a bit outside my budget, though.)



Best price I’ve seen anywhere and they’re out of Kelowna, BC.

They also have the 150mm Revelation World Cup with the carbon crown/steerer for $599-


Tax makes it even harder, @gtrguy. :frowning2:

I’d count on that no matter where you buy from Jeff. If you bought from Chain Reaction I’d be surprised if you didn’t get hit with duty (taxes) for such a big ticket item. I add 15% to the price of anything I am considering buying online (as well as the $10 handling/processing fee) when comparing to the cost of buying locally.

Yeah, I’ve had some things skate through from CRC without being taxed but the larger orders have always been dinged.

I was told, (it may not be true) that if an item is not manufactured in Canada they do not charge duty and that no one makes forks in Canada.

Anyone hear this before?

The bushings go on your fox? I don’t think I would buy another, been Rock Shox since mine went and destroyed my stanchions. I was in the same boat last year looking to upgrade/ replace and had about the same budget, the real debate for me was whether I wanted to pump $700 into an older bike. I ended up cashing a bond and bought a new/used bike off Pinkbike. It was someone’s project ,came with everything I would put on a bike , including a Pike and a brand new extra set of tires. I don’t think there was a used part on it. I look like a hobo walking around town now though because I’m totally broke!

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I’ve ordered parts from a couple of places in the UK and Jenson in the States. I wouldn’t order from the States again. Duty on boxes coming from the UK has been inconsistent no matter what the size. Sometimes I get dinged sometimes I don’t. It is a good idea to factor it in though and if you don’t get hit it feels like you have just picked a fifty dollar bill off the sidewalk.

All good arguments. The RockShox Revelation World Cup Solo Air has some appeal to it now.
(Thanks again for pointing out this site, @gtrguy!)

Anyone seen or know of someone that has a Manitou Mattoc?

@JeffV officially unless the item is valued under $20 CAD or is a gift valued under $60 CAD I would expect to pay sales tax, if the item is manufactured in a NAFTA country you may not pay import duty. In reality it seems like a crap shoot, I’ve had packages get extra charges at the border and some not.

A note about Jenson, they charge Canadian sales tax at the point of sale to all orders heading to Canada. Seems to get them past any duty charges. Duty will depend on whether the items are classed Section 87 or Section 95

Weight on that Revelation World Cup looks pretty sweet… over a pound lighter than the Mattoc it looks like. Have not tried a Mattoc but have read some decent reviews that put it up there with the Pike. However, I always take reviews with a grain of salt.

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Should I worry about the carbon fibre?

It’s uppers are 32mm vs Mattoc’s 34.

This is true. If something is ‘made’ in Canada, it is duty free. Some items from the states such as hockey gear is exempt from duty under nafta, but not bike stuff that I know of.

I wouldn’t worry about the carbon fiber personally, but as you point out the Mattoc will probably be stiffer than the Revelation due to the larger stanchions. Will you feel the extra stiffness? No idea… I’m about to find that out for myself. Swapping the Fox 32 Talas on my Kona for a 34 Float. I’m very curious if I will notice the extra stiffness, I probably don’t ride hard enough to flex the 32 let alone the 34.

Thanks for all the advice!

I ordered the Manitou because I wanted the stiffer stanchions and could not justify shelling out for the Pike. And that it reviewed comparibly with the Pike and other AM forks.

I’ll let you know if I get nailed for duty and how much.


Sweet! I’ll be curious to hear your impressions of it for sure. Out of curiosity, what’s happening with your old fork?