1950's Sunshine Waterloo


well i finally finished my bike. I picked this up in the country side locally, what a jem.

There is not a lot of information about the Sunshine Co. on the internet. but from what i have found out the company was started as the Waterloo Co. around 1884 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, they were a producer of machinery mainly farm equipment. In 1930 there was a joint venture between an Australian farm machinery company, HV. McKay and this company to form the Sunshine Waterloo Co. In the early 1930’s due to the depression the company started to move its focus to a more cost efficient production of equipment they also made metal shelving, baby carriages, and auto parts.

During WW II the Sunshine Waterloo Co. was a major producer for the war effort, security was very high at the production plant due to the machinery produced. Tank, airplane, truck parts, ammunition, land mines, and various bombs, were just some of the produced parts.

After the war ended the company began producing bicycles, tricycles, office equipment, stoves and hotplates. In 1954 the company was taken over by the Massey-Ferguson Ltd. this company name is well known in Canada, mainly due to its greatly renowned farm equipment. in 1954 the Sunshine Waterloo name was changed to Sunshine Office Equipment and its production changed as well. news.therecord.com/article/270931 .

So I would guess this bike is from the 1945 to 1954 decade. I have seen a couple pictures of other Sunshine bicycles and i would gather this bike was produced in the latter portion of the decade.

I had a blast building and researching this bike. Its amazing how well it works too. Now only if my car will work this well in 2054 !!!

nuff said, on with the pictures.

here is what it was when i brought it home

And now…

What a beaut! Those are the widest bars I’ve ever seen - even longer than the ones that came on my bike!

26" wide and a 14" reach.

Thanks to Mike at Sport Wheels for those. Exactly what I wanted. Enid at Cycle Smith hooked me up with my tires. Thanks to Dave at Ideal Bikes for my seat, spokes, stem, and grips. And last but not least… thanks to Kelby for a cool paint job.

That looks awesome.