20" Wheelset with disk?

Hey all,

I just got my daughter a 20" MEC dash. I was stoked to see it had disk brake attachment points.

Any thoughts on where could I find/build cheap wheel set for it? It has rim brakes now.


Bought my son the same bike a couple of years ago. Had no luck tracking down a disc wheelset for it on eBay or elsewhere that wasn’t as much as the bike. Ended up sticking with the rim brakes until he grew out of it. Stopping power wasn’t an issue at his light weight

In a year or two his sister will be able to start using it… still with the rim brakes.

I hear ya. She is having issues hand strength and lever pull. I was thinking it might help with that… and it would be a cool upgrade.

I can help. Depending on how much you want to spend. The wheels would be 50 (MSRP) per.

Cool, I’ll keep an eye out for brake sets. I probably could get by with just upgrading her back brake first.

She has a 7 speed. Would the cassette just fit?

it is designed for an 8 speed but we can put an extra spacer in and it it will work.

Let me check my personal stock for disk brakes. I might have something kicking around

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