2010 Sportwheels Weekly Mountain Bike Rides

Oops! Almost forgot to thank Stacey for hanging back with me last night. It was nice to have some female support also.

Yes folks, it was a wee bit climby, but I like that trail. Look for more rides there in the future, including the other road there. I like to think of it as yet another option in our list of trails for the ride.

We had 27 riders, and that’s with about 7 usuals not there! Good times, for sure. Great to see so many eager and pleasant people. If you have been thinking of coming along, try it out! And bring a friend or three if you like. And remember… all you need is a mountain bike with working brakes and tight wheels/bars/stem/seat, a helmet, water and whatever you are comfortable riding in. Tubes, a pump and tools are good for bonus points, if you already have them.

And ladies, there is a Wednesday night Ladies Only ride as well. Come meet Stacey and the girls on a Tuesday night, and ride again with them the next night!

The main objective of BOTH rides is fun, participaction and learning more about yourself and others while enjoying bikes in the great outdoors. So come on out and give it a try. All ages, skill levels and mountain bikes are welcome. And best of all, it’s free!!!

Hope to see you next time, next week!
Aaron and the gang.

Back at it again tomorrow evening.

Remember your bug dope and water! Meet at the shop at 6:45 and we’ll ride from there!

We had an amazing turn out last week and I hope to see the same for this week for both the weekly mountain bike rides and the womens’ Beginner mountain bike Rides on Wednesday evening.

Although not an official event for Bike Week the mountain bike ride will be departing from Sportwheels at 6:45-7pm Tuesday June 1st.

Come celebrate cycling in a laid back setting. Come meet other cyclists, and ride local trails!

All welcome regardless of experience.

Instead of a ride tonight we will be heading over to Old Port Pub for a bike movie and some grub/beverages. It will be the same time as usual 7ish at Old Port Pub in Burnside.

All welcome!

Does this limit the attendence of one certain budding racer named Chris, or is he allowed in since food is served?

Whenever I’ve done movie nights at the OPP in the past minors have been allowed to stay until 9 - I think that’s the way the liqour license works in a bar that serves food.

Everyone (including Chris) is welcome no worries.

I do believe it’s 9pm as per liquor laws.

Huge thanks to Tony and Old Port Pub for letting us have a movie night on short notice!

Much appreciated for everthing.

Also thanks to Geoff Murray for bringing the movies!

It was date-nite for me, what movies did i miss?

Roam, and NWD10.

It was definitely fun times! Thanks guys!!! I haven’t laughed that hard in a hella long time. 7 inches. bahahahahahaah. Good times indeed :slight_smile:

Howdy all,

This week we’re going to head somewhere different. It’s a great established trail that should not be affected by the rain we’ve had.

Let’s meet at Sportwheels at 6:45 again and we’ll take off from there. I encourage carpooling as well. We can always leave a car at sportwheels if necessary/appropriate for folks.

Looking forward to riding on trails after the rain!

Great ride folks, had a wicked time tonite.

It was a good ride and I managed to get further along Replicator than the last time we were there. It’s all about progression. I really like the flowy singletrack after the series of downward berms (humps). The Women’s group is heading there tonight so I’ll get more practice on these trails.

The weather person is calling for nice weatehr tomorrow so come out and join us for a bike ride!

Thanks to our adventuring trail guru Aaron we will be riding on a trail in Beaverbank.

Meet us at the shop at 6:45 and we’ll caravan to the trail head, then for some yummy post ride nutrition!

Fantastic ride last night folks. Lots of “action” :slight_smile:

Yes it was action packed I enjoyed my dip

I was looking at that area on google maps. There is a crazy network of roads back there. Can’t wait to explore it more…

Watch out for the “ANGRY” bear. That guy was loaded off his ass. Probably shouldn’t have even been in there, I have a hunch he went around the gate, versus having a key.

An interesting ride last night. Big gravel makes for a challenging ride but we persevered. I was happy with my climbs and had a blast with the downhills on the way out. Thanks to Eric (RH) and Jeremy for their encouragement. Looking forward to the women’s ride tonight.