2013 New Scotland Mountain Bike Series

Coming this summer… New Scotland Mountain Bike Series sphotos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-a … 7891_n.jpg
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In case the links don’t work:

2013 New Scotland

Mountain Bike Series

XC Mountain Bike Race Series encompassing 4 events from Truro to Antigonish

Race # 1 Summer ‘13, Date TBD

Victoria’s Secret Mountain Bike Race

Victoria Park, Truro, Nova Scotia Contact Info: to be updated when available

Race # 2 Summer ‘13, Date TBD

Keppoch Mountain Bike Race

Keppoch, Nova Scotia Contact Info: to be updated when available

Race #3 Summer ‘13, Date TBD

Spokebender Challenge

Wentworth Hostel, Wentworth Nova Scotia Contact Info: to be updated when available

Race #4 Summer ‘13, Date TBD

Fitz of Fury Mountain Bike Race

Scotsburn, Nova Scotia Contact Info: to be updated when available

  1. Best 3 of 4 Results count towards the overall standings.
  2. All Bicycle Nova Scotia Categories recognized.
  3. Points will be determined by the standard BNS practice of the winner receiving 100 points and the remainder in that category getting a points percentage based on how far they finish behind the winner.

Basically: Points=(Finishers Time/Winners Time)*100
4. Prize Distribution: Sorry, no prizes, but plenty of bragging rights. This is being done merely for fun and to encourage the growth of cycling in an already cycling positive region in Nova Scotia. However, if there were to be prizes they would be equally distributed amongst the categories and sexes in accordance with Bicycle Nova Scotia guidelines, ie Top 3 male and female in each category get equal prizes regardless of attendance numbers.

This race series is not affiliated with Bicycle Nova Scotia.
Though not officially associated with Bicycle Nova Scotia competitors must abide by Bicycle Nova Scotia rules and guidelines and are subject to all Bicycle Nova Scotia fees and licensing requirements.
Event organization and liability is the sole responsibility of the event organizer and Bicycle Nova Scotia.

Events subject to change without notice. A Mocha and Cino Race Series Production, 2013.

so just to be clear this is not a bns points race , not affiliated with bns but use all the rules and fees of bns? call me confused but what has happened to the provincial series?

I imagine there will still be a provincial series. This is something apart from that, using a few of those races. I only mention that all of the BNS rules/fees/etc. are still applicable to prevent anybody from assuming otherwise.Its really that simple.