2015 Spring Trail Conditions

So, what trails are ridable? Which trails need some love?

Let’s keep a tally of which trails might need some raking, lopping etc. If you are planning a trail day post it up as well.

To start it off, what is the condition of Whopper? I may be in Halifax this afternoon and wondering if it’s ridable or if I should shudder go for a road ride.

I’m curious about whopper too.

The entrance has had some foot traffic and so would be more dense but maybe in back it is bare.

I’m told all of the granite in fight is clear. Would assume whopper is the same.

Good stuff. Turns out I will only be in town on Tuesday.

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Just took a drive through and there is a track of exposed granite in the entrance.

There are also 2 excavators with bushwhackers clearing the area closest to Marshals. Looks like this summer could be the summer they start their wanton destruction of what we hold dear in the name of capitalism.


Let’s get in there and ride! Might this be the destination for Tuesday evening?

That’s what I was thinking.

I might be able to entice someone from the valley to join us.

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I was just in whopper. The granite is rideable with occasional snow spots. Lake loop is still pretty snowy.

Seems from rumours that Fight trail is in good shape! However, there are reports of ticks so be prepared and check you and your pets out after each ride.

Some updates from The Valley…

The Gorge: White and very much so. Go skiing or snowshoe here. However there are some spots in the system that are semi clear but will be too wet for a few weeks yet. On a positive note. When things do dry up there will be a whole bunch of brand new stuff for you all to ride :wink: We’ve been trying to keep busy, and it’ll show.

Reservoir Park: Much better off then The Gorge as far as snow cover goes, I was in a few days ago and it was maybe 40% brown and 60% white. Much of the dirt is dry and firm but things are very patchy. The double track loop around the ponds is clear and one of the ridge trails by the pond would be good too, the rest of the single track is still to white for ride. We might get one trail open in about a week if the weather stays good. Then I’d expect one trail a week more to open each week afterwards.

Irishman’s Rd is in about the same state as the Reservoir Park, the ground that is bare is dry but there’s still areas with lots of snow cover that would be a pain to ride. A week of double digit temperatures will hopefully do some serious melting.

Fight Trail is in great shape considering the winter/ spring we had. All the granite is clear, and the only snow as of last weekend was at the beginning of Bloodline as you move towards the Halifax rock and the Lake Loop. Wet in spots, but no more than expected for this time of year.

Lots of riders were out taking advantage of it…

Does anyone know anything about Spider? Is it clear, dry and rideable?

I just got back from Shubie and the snow is almost entirely gone, and is in super good shape. I also went on a detour to Spider Lake to see what it was like, and it’s still super wet and muddy on the main double track. The lakes are lake-ier than I’ve ever seen and there’s a section that’s ice at least 6 inches thick. I didn’t even dare stray from the main road to see what the trails looked like, but from what I saw there was still loads of snow.

CyclingGirl and I were in Whopper today. Was able to ride most of the clearcut. The trail does look a little different. Cleared a little brush off the trail. Could use more work to make the trail easier to see and keep from catching sticks in the derailleur… assuming we can ride the trail a bit longer. The main trail beyond the clearcut was in great shape. Pretty dry, except for the usual puddles. We didn’t venture into the side trails.

Irishman’s Rd is good to go, mostly dry with a few softer spots but noting out of the ordinary there’s still a few patches of snow but they’re mostly rideable.

We’ve got all but one section including the skills park and pump track open up at Reservoir Park in Wolfville. Should have the last bit of single track firmed up and tidy by next weekend.

The Gorge is getting better too, still snowy in spots but some sections would be dry. IF your headed there please use good judgement on trail choice.

I heard that a trail elf has raked out pumphouse in the valley…

True story.
P2 is really dry too, but not raked yet.