2015 Winter Trail Conditions

It’s that time of year again! Snow, ice, slush - constantly changing conditions.

Post up when/where you rode, and if studs are required/recommended/not required.

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I rode fight trail on Saturday and it was snow covered with icy patches. Studs would be recommended but I came out alright without.

@Adam and I hit up Irishman’s Rd this afternoon and it was a real mixed bag; frozen bare ground, hard packed snow from illegal ATV drivers, punched up ice craters from hikers walking in wet snow, solid ice and powder snow. Got away without studs on 95% of the trail but they would have helped on the downhill which was sheer ice with a few bare spots here and there.

95% rideable for @bent6543 = 50% rideable for me :laughing:

But it was a fun blast for sure (well, if you can call 6.2km/h “blasting”!)

Was in The Gorge today doing some work. Trails are rock hard. Icy in spots but should be all ridable with studs or all except then some icy climbs for those with out studs.

the ice has made it’s appearance up at spider and studs are very highly recommended. all the main trails are good to ride but skull was in rough shape from foot traffic at the worst possible time.

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How are the lakes in your area?

Echoing what darkmyth said, Spider was in great shape yesterday. Replicator is still very rough, and studs are necessary if you want to ride it. The rest of the trails if you are cautious you could probably get away without, but it would be much funner with studs.

I rode on Spider lake today it is all good
The narrow part between the two sides of the lake has a crack with water you can pass on the edge

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Wrandees is in great shape! Snow shoed the pipeline loop I believe it’s called. It was already very well packed down and would have been a blast to ride. I saw a few other people riding on the far side of the lake, so I can only assume those trails are in great shape too.

Most of it would be passable without studs, but there were a few spots that they would be good to have.

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Most excellent news. Lets hope rain is minimal today and it crisps up overnight.

the conditions at the spider are good and will only get better. the rep, ribbon, the humps and the inner peace have all had traffic and are rideable. the skull trail had no tire tracks on it but it was rideable. also looked like the poker run had some folks who have done a lap on it. as for trail conditions themselves the ice has a light layer of snow on it, the snow on the trails is about an inch deep. the heavy traffic trails are better to ride than those with lite traffic but anything that has not been ride on yet is tough going. I urge folks to go ride early tomorrow and get it beat down so that it’s a highway when I show up later.

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any trails good to go without studs?

road in shubie tonight and there was a lot of ice hiding under the snow. all though there is only a thin skim of snow it is very slippery. there is a ton of ice out there hiding under the snow. studs are required for any riding under the current conditions.

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So any trail will be ok on a any bike today. I lifted a 4’ x 8’ sheet of snow/ice off the hood of my car. I carried it across my snow/ice lawn and dropped it. it hardly broke. The surface seemed grippy enough. No studs for me but I think if the rain doesn’t come I could be up for a ride later today

It only skis or snowshoes in Windsor, 30+cm of powder.

Out my way (Beechville) there’s lots of snow with a hard crust on top, but it’s not quite hard enough to support the weight of a bike/rider. Looks like a snowshoe kinda day.

I second that Brent. Gobs of snow here in Gaspereau too.

Wrandees would need a ton more snow shoeing to be remotely rideable. I would expect the only thing rideable at this point would be Shubie Park or any other place that gets plowed.

Yep, nothing but big chunks of icy snow. Temps are too cold for the snow to compress and pack down.