2017/18 Winter Trail Conditions


Excellent conditions at bird sanctuary today. Snow down, very little ice, the trails are well used right now so well beat in.


Any word on wrandees?


Yup. Zoe and I trekked through woods a bit too.


Wrandees doesn’t get good until we have enough snow to cover all the roots and rocks. No snow yet.


I really am missing a good stack of weather here… grrr. :persevere:


Definite bummer Jeff!

Rode Flipside/powerline/deathmarch last night- perfect night, perfect conditions.


Fight Trail is perfection right now (sorry @JeffV). Very little ice to worry about and what is there is rideable with a little care. Favorite winter ride of the year so far


Lakes are frozen solid and perfectly smooth too. Great chance to explore some otherwise unreachable areas.


Im strappin my skates and stick to the bike and bringing some pucks for the next ride


Walked Irishman’s today. Looking like studs only except for the brave or mad-skilled.


Hold my beer


Speaking of riding in winter conditions:


Great conditions at fight trail today, as previously stated there’s a few icy patches but easily avoidable. Was great to meet @Rockhopper and Mark on the trails as well. I also met @cspears at Keppoch over Christmas. Nice to put faces to names!


Took the kids for a hike at fight today. In/out and attic virtually clear of ice. Lots of puddles off trail for the dog to drink out of. There are some muddy patches though, especially on in/out -maybe best to wait until the temp drops again. The kids were disappointed there were no downed trees to cut or move.


Conditions at Nine Mile last night were fabulous, nicely frozen. Spent about 3 hours in there removing at least a dozen deadfalls by hand and bucksaw. There still some that are going to take a chainsaw or maybe a big group of people.



@chucsutt removed a bunch of dead fall from the whopper system too; which is much appreciated.


Spider/Skull is in great shape. A few icy patches. We removed a bunch of debris but there is still a lot out there.


Daminion is clear of trees. But three large trees down on Scotch. I cleared one with a hand saw but the other two may need a chainsaw. The trail is in great shape otherwise.


Anyone know what the trails are like in the Kentville area? Best ridden with studs or without? I’ve got to bring my daughter to Wolfville for a few hours tomorrow and am planning to ride Gorge / Bird Sanctuary.


Studs…definitely. ice under the snow.