2017 Giant Bicycles Demo Day at Fight Trail Sat June 10th

Giant Halifax and Bicycles Plus are holding a demo day at Fight Trail this Saturday from 10am- 2pm. Feel free to swing by and try a couple Giant bikes out. All of the details can be found on the Giant Halifax website: http://www.gianthalifax.ca/en-CA/news/article/edit/21374/


I will most certainly be there. In fact, I’m not sure how I will sleep tonight.



I am going to try and be there if I don’t have to work.

Could this be the reason for the orange spray paint that recently showed up in Fight?

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Not a chance in hell.

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@a.mart Is there a rain date for this or does this happen anyway despite tonight’s weather?

Hey Kirk. Sorry I missed this. I ended up being busy and having to work.

It was great to ride something different Andrew. I rode a Trance Advanced and noticed how different the suspension set up feels compared to my bike. The Trance is more plush where my Trek is more stiff. I prefer a plushier ride so I experimented a bit with pressures on my bike, I dropped both my fork and shock by 10lbs and I must say it feels a little better to me. Maybe a placebo though.

I run my rear shock at 185 and my front at 100. I just dropped to 175 and 90. We’ll see how that feels again tonight

My buddy took out an e-bike. Holy shit! Those things can fly

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Good stuff!
I’m going to keep my thoughts on e-bikes to myself to avoid a thread liek the line 24 thread haha.


Free placebos are the best kind. As bicycle consumers we usually pay for placebos.


That is probably very true Adam. More true than we would like to think.