2019 Pic from every ride


Found a few bikes outside Amsterdam Centraal


So insane. Make sure you rent bikes while you’re there. It’s so much fun to ride in a city built for bikes. They don’t wheelie well though.


Finally made it out to Vic Park. Conditions are great.


Nine Mile


Results of my last ride… under the wrap are 7 new stitches. Last time I go out on icy trails with out gloves. OUCH…



@Pepperjester Shitty! Hopefully you’re not out too long.



OW! Hope you’re hand is back to normal soon, Ryan.


It’s healing up pretty good so far. Stitches should be out in about a week.


From last Saturday on the Halifax Linear trail. First ride iin 2019!


Fight looking fine this Saturday


My inaugural lake riding experience went without a hitch. Ice Spikers are amazing


Neil and I playing on the ice at Bowater yesterday. It was a mint day on the trails!


Finally made it to Bowater. Lookin’ damn fine yesterday.


Cape Split never disappoints! The studded tires certainly paid for themselves on the ride in.


Current conditions at Bowater.


Fat Biking in Truro

About 20 of us riding in Truro today. Sweet conditions for most of it. I had a rental from “My Bike Shop” in Moncton.


Must’ve had some fog on my lense. Rode Blomidon on Sunday, February 3rd. Challenging by times, great adventure.


From the Tour de Beer in Fredericton.