2019 Pic from every ride


Prince Edward Island- R.I.T.S trail system



Played hooky from work today and hit the trails for a little bit here in Truro. Trails are holding up good from the rain, roots are nasty when soaked though!


Nice, is that somewhere in Victoria Park?


Yup, this is one of the trails in behind the school! Think this was either School Daze or Caught Cheating. They all mash together after awhile haha


Its funny how much I used to hate that trail but darn its worth the janky roots



Nobody using their fatbike in the summer ?


None spotted last night. A lot of 27.5s, 29ers and come 26ers.


Good sized crew! Looks awesome!


Wicked sunset heading out of McFight last night


Mont Royal, Montréal.



Not my bike but was digging it,certainly has me amped for new bike day next week!


Oooo do tell, what did you buy?


Nothing Fancy. Ordered in a 2019 Norco Fluid FS a few weeks back. 130/120 on 2.6 inch 29s. Be all the bike ill need!


Tried a heavy duty bike, and an e bike last night at vic park. Awesome bikes.


I want an ebike. You could do fitz laps for dayz!


I tried a road e-bike last night as a commuter option, pretty fun and I can definitely see the benefit to not getting super sweaty on a ride to work. For now, I still want that heart-pumping grind up the hills to keep me in shape. Give me another 10-15 years, however, and I might decide that an e-MTB will join the stable. :wink:


My hips are metal, so when they actually get bad ill be on one of those bad boys!


The E Trance was scary fast. I can totally get behind the idea of people using them to commute, or when you get up in your years/ illness to still get out and ride!


Specialized demo night in Truro, hit up the LT stumpy and this E Stumpy. Both handled awesome, minus a nasty crash (rider error lol). Really enjoyed this Ebike though. Maybe it was just due to riding the E trance last night, I knew more what to expect/how to handle it. All in all, been two good days on trying different rides!