2019 Pic from every ride


I’ve never taken a pic at the falls so thats a first!


Day 2 Mont Royal.


New steed takes a lap of Victoria Park. Video of a full-run on Trash Talkin’ is coming…


Took it up and down the driveway 5 or 6 times to bed in breaks so tried it out! So far so good. Come on 7PM!


That is one sexy beast. Why’s it going back?


Droper was damaged after the 1st actuation. Must have a burr or something inside. But I do love it already!


Aww no that sucks will they give u a new 1? They should


Yeah I’d say



Wicked looking ride!


Thanks. Excited to get a ride in on it this weekend.


I took a non drive side photo am I kicked out of the club? An amazing day today riding Wentworth and really pushing my limits. Including a double black diamond and my first ever real slab! (Only a few scrapes and bruises!)


Flat Lake


Rode the Empire Trails in between baseball games on Saturday. Was pretty awesome.


went for a ride on west pine the other day


Maysel toss up my pic from the Hostel trails last weekend!


How r those trails


Big range of Gnar to flow. Climb you must.


Many jump trails?


MK Ultra the double black has some crazy rock rolls, jumps and drops. None of the trails are machine cut but lots of oportunity to leave the ground and ride Uber steep stuff and steep tech.