2019 Spring Trail Conditions


Looks like I’m heading to Cape Breton this weekend. Anyone know the conditions at Keppoch? I’d love to ride it on the way back.


Trails are open to bikes. Rumour has it shuttles may start this weekend, depending how much rain they get this week.


Haha same shame there’s no real good trails


Any predictions for conditions at Whopper tomorrow? Thinking flipside, scotch, daminion etc.


Can’t do much damage to flipside its pretty decent in all conditions. There’s a few sensitive spots on daminion and scotch that will probably still be soft.


Vic Park is swamped. Race is canceled on the 19th, hopfully a few sunny days will dry things up.


Evil Birch was mint today. Barely any water or mud. The usual overgrowth, but still dang good.


And no security guards I assume.


Thought about that the whole ride in. Made it to the entrance (the climb is filled with massive boulders now) and thought “Yes! made it!!”. Saw a guard on the way out at the gate and rode past, didn’t get yelled at or stopped so I’ll take that as a win.


I rode in Victoria Park on Thursday night before yesterday’s rain and the trails were pretty good. I don’t really know my way around but I hooked up with a couple of locals and followed them. A couple of trails had some muddy spots so we left that area. Most of the older trails were good, stuff I remember from racing there a few years ago. The stuff by the skills park had dried out nicely. Keep in mind that this was before a full day of rain yesterday.


Was great today. Stacked and Pandamoneuim along with the 3rd/4th section of trash talking is closed. Park staff is asking people to ride through the mud puddles rather than riding around them.