2019 Spring Trail Conditions


Bird sanctuary is rideable for the most part. I plan on going in when I get off work for a little ride. There has been some serious damage by motos in some places, but for the most part its drying nicely.
P2/upper p2 and endorphin are all clear and are drying well with some traffic over the past few weeks. p2 has mud at the top section as always, so probably would need a few days to dry out well.

I would avoid the Gorge and Woodville as both systems are def. still wet.


I rode the power lines up to the Clearcut Crossover to access Skull yesterday. Things were drying nicely and Skull was in good shape. I want to thank the trail elves who fixed the bridge across the creek. Also good work on the approach with nicely packed dirt over rock. See attached pic. On another note someone placed a couple of loose rocks at a tricky climbing turn to try and raise the tread but didn’t wedge them in or pack them with dirt. They moved as soon as rode on them unfortunately. See second pic. I really appreciate the efforts of trail elves and don’t want to be critical but a loose rock that moves when you ride on it can cause more harm than good. Oh, and thank you to whoever removed that tree!


All good until DNR catches wind of this… bye bye bridge, they are pretty adamant about no wood structures in there.


I believe this is Halifax Water land. And yes, I would expect them to remove the structure when they come upon it.


Yes, Halifax water owns the land but it falls under WPA regulations,and is managed by provincial agencies.


Lake Major Source Water Protection Plan


Anyone know the conditions at Spider Lake?


I was told on Saturday that it was either water running down the trail like a river or slop depending exactly where… Clearcut Crossover and most of Replicator was tolerable.


Victoria Park is closed…

We kindly ask that riders please stay off the Railyard trails until further notice. With all the rain we’ve had, they are in a vulnerable state. The ruts created cause longer trail closures.

Please respect the trails and everyone who loves using them by being patient. We will keep you posted on conditions.

Thank you very much.


Hillsborough is mostly mud and snow.


Cape split mucky mud in almost half the trail. And couple down trees.


Any word on the Fitz? Might take a saw, a rake or hoe over and hike around while Im stoll off the bike.


Here is what is up at Spider

These ruts are at the top of the doubletrack. We call that the Von Trapp. They are a full 12-14" deep. Even after things dry up I don’t see how those go away. Three guys on ATV/Dune Buggys passed me and gave me a smile and a wave. They either don’t give a shit or are too stupid to see the damage they are causing. Undoubtedly it is both

This stuff pisses me off


Damn that’s nasty… Pretry obvious ATV/side-by-side/moto dudes don’t give a shit, they are trail vermin, destroying everything they touch. Seems like the wetter and muddier it is the more they want to drive in it, like 3 year olds jumping in puddles and making mud pies.

On the up side I suppose they have created drainage ditches to keep water off the slopes on the sides, ribbon sure is a washed out shit show in a few sections.


Actually it was me! I did it back on April 18th on my way to Skull.:wink:


I was going to blame fat bikers for the fat tracks, but I guess not.


I am not the skinniest guy but you wouldn’t exactly call me fat


Anyone been to the gorge yet? Rideable or too wet?


Whopper was surprisingly dry today. A few wet spots in the usual places. I rode da Minion, Far Side, Death March, and Scotch.


Gore is mostly dry. A few damp areas. Didn’t ride “A River Runs Through It”. Definitely in good condition. I’ve heard that Hillsborough is now open to riding too!


Yeah, I was suprised by how dry it was as well.