2021 Annual Cottage Party - Sept 18th

Hard to believe how fast the summer is going by. It’s almost time for the annual cottage party!

I am finalizing a date in mid September for the party which will include a ride, bbq and of course fireworks.

  • September 18th, ride to start mid afternoon, and bbq to follow. More information below.

We have decided on Sept 18th for the cottage party this year.

The more wood to burn the better! I have some now but if you would like to donate some, it’s all good.

We will be providing hot dogs and burgers, some chips and some pop and water for those who prefer.

If you would like to bring other food to share or for yourself, feel free to do so. BYOB of course.

There will be fireworks and music.

Pets, children and significant others are welcome. There will be a few beds available if anyone wants put up a tent it is encouraged!

The cottage is on a small lake so feel free to bring a kayak, or borrow one (before drinking of course and at a reasonable hour!).

More details on directions and pre bbq ride to follow.

  • I’m there.
  • Wish I could.
  • Let me check my schedule

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Doh! Daughters first birthday that day, then Keppoch Enduro the next! Maybe next year.

Last year we rode the dirt roads and a little singletrack around the cottage, whereas previous years we rode at Irishman’s Road.

Riding around the cottage area allowed us to park one time at the cottage.

Is there a preference for the pre-ride?

  • Irishman’s road all the way
  • Dirt roads, a little singletrack

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Hey Mike, I hope to join this year and again bring a furry plus one, if that’s okay. This time it’s my little dog. Ideally, I’d love to join in with her in the buddy rider on my Cypher which will make me pretty slow. I’m posting publicly to see how people feel about that. Because I can just join the party after if we are going to be a pain for the ride. I think I’d like to try Irishman’s…maybe…

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A furry plus one is always welcome! I have no issues with her in the buddy rider on the ride. Depending on how many show up for the ride we may have to break up into a couple of groups anyways.


Some official updates:

We will be riding irishmans road starting at 330 PM. Starting at irishmans road. We will head to the cottage after the ride.

Feel free to bring any favourite recipes or food to share with friends.

More wood to burn is always welcome. I guarantee it will be used.


The fireworks display will be enhanced this year. A plan was hatched that is going to be awesome!


What’s the address again? I might be able to make an appearance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The address is 57 Spud avenue in ellershouse.

From Halifax Directions

From the Valley Directions

I am keeping an eye on the Weather. Fingers crossed.

Don’t think we’ll make the ride - we’re working at Nine Mile in the morning. See you at the cottage,though!

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The weather is alright. Not sunny but not calling for anything that is significant. GAME ON!


Hey Mike, there is some Pallets and an old deck behind the store you or anyone is welcome to. Please help your selves.

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Should be able to make it out for the ride

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If anyone would like to contribute any wood to burn it is definitely more than welcome.

The same goes for any food that folks would like to bring. Your favourite recipe to share is encouraged.

What a great crew at the party last night. Thank you @riderx and Katherine (Sp?) for being such great hosts and for the amazing entertainment. People were genuinely surprised and impressed with the display. Thank you @darkmyth for ensuring social distancing by creating a towering inferno! And thank you everyone for listening to me go on and on and on and on about my my slow ankle recovery and complications. Cheers to the ECMTB community!



Thank you to all who came out. Being able to hang out with great friends new and old makes this community so awesome!