2021 Giant Trance 29 3

Considering this as my next ride to upgrade from my Norco. Seems like a decent option for $3k. Would appreciate opinions on this, or suggestions of other options I might consider.

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I bought trance 3 2020 27.5 back in june and I love it so far. Haven’t had an issue yet and ive put it through some pretty good tests so far keppoch, fitz, empire, mac run, vic park
The 2021 looks like its comes with a better drivetrain than mine as well.
Also the Trance 3 has the same frame as a trance 1 so over time u can upgrade to a 1 if u want.
Theres guys on here that know alot more about bikes than me but for the price point of the Trance 3 its hard to beat if thats your budget

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I own a 2019 Trance 29 and I love it. Mine is a 2. A friend of mine bought a 2020 2 and he also loves his.

Im also thinking of picking up a 2021 trance. Not sure if i want to go with a 29er or 27.5 though. Really wanted last years reign but they are all gone apparently :weary:

Waiting for one to come in for my oldest so we can check it out…Spec/Price looks solid.

I have a 2018 anthem 27.5 and had been awesome so expect the Trance 3 to be the same. Seems a bit slacker than my 2019 SC Tallboy but rest seems pretty similar. The SC is 115/120 and has been pretty versatile so expect the Trance 29 to be able to deal with most things around here.


Ouhhh. Very tempting