2022 Moose 1 fat bike for sale

Selling my Moose 1 2022 size small had 3 rides on it. Thanks to Mr Tomlin I c

ouldn’t help but upgrade to his rocky mountain he was selling lol
Have this up for $1300 on buy and sells. Would let it go for $1100 for a ecmtb member


This bike still for sale?

Yes it is. Practically brand new! Just couldnt pass up Terrys rocky mountain he was selling haha

Bump. Hate to be that guy but before ya know it the snows gonna be flying lol
Only has 3 rides on it size small $1000

Id let it go for $900 to a ecmtb member. The longer a fat bike i dont use is sitting in the basement the more flack i take from the wife lol.