2023 Frostbite Fest - Jan 8, 2023

Frostbite is back - January 8, 2023

Details to follow. Expect a similar format to past Frostbites with a mini DH or enduro race, skid offs, long jump, piñatas, etc. Full event details will be posted mid December, but I wanted to at least get the date posted in the mean time.


Is this still happening?


Looks like we’re going to be good to go! Weather is looking like we will freeze up mid week and have good conditions on Sunday.

I’ll post details tonight.



Here we go!

This year we’re going to do a mini enduro asa the “race” plus a few fun challenges! Course(s) for the enduro will be picked out and marked the day before and routing will depend on what the weather brings this week. If its too icy for racing well adapt and do more silly bike games.

The enduro is for ages 14+, bike games all ages welcome. Registration and practice will start 9:00AM with racing at 10:00. $10.


Do we need open face or full face helmets

Open’s fine for what we’ll run this year. You’re call thou. If I grips poor, I’ll run my full face just to be safe, and warm :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah!

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Ok thanks

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Looks like there will be snow!

OK, so we got freezing rain and no snow yet. Bummer. Going to head to the trail this afternoon to see what the conditions are like. Will report back.

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Conditions as of Friday afternoon - slick and a bit icy. I expect it will firm up for Sunday, but may still have some icy spots. We should be good to go, but ride with some caution. This aint no World Cup, this is the Fun Cup.


Will it be ok for tires without studs

As long as they are winter tires with snow & ice rating

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Ill widen the trail for the truck… it has 4 season all terrain mud and snows


Yep, no studs will be required. Bonus it did snow over night in Gaspereu, hopefully Kentville too.



Fun was had, conditions were a bit slippery but everyone did great. Look for Frostbite 2 - the revenge of the snowflake later this winter!

Frostbite results Jan 2023.pdf (426.9 KB)