26” mtb tire

Anyone selling or willing to sell a 26” tire that’s in decent/good shape. Need a back tire for my brother

I have no tires, but likely have a few tubes you can take if you want/need them. :slight_smile:

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not sure if your looking to buy online but…

I have got 2 continental x kings I’d sell. They are 26x2.2 I believe.

They are hardly used.

I’ve got a few 26" tires that are in decent shape. I’ll dig through my pile and find a decent one. you can have it for free. Where are you located?

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Ok yeah I only need 1 and it’s a rear tire

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Ok if you have any good rear tires I’ll take em

I’ll have a look to see what I have and post back up here.

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Sorry for the delayed reply, things have been busy. I’ve got a couple of options for you-

Maxxis Ignitor 26 x 2.35
Maxxis Advantage 26 x 2.25 or 26 x 2.4

All are used but have decent tread left- at least 75%+ for sure. If you want one of those, just let me know.

edit there’s a 26 x 2.25 Maxxis Ardent kicking around here too…


I’d be interested in the advantage 26x2.25 and the ardent

The Advantage has better traction overall and much better cornering traction than the Ardent.

Where are you located?