26" tubeless tires?

The stumpy needs new tires and I was wondering what you guys run on your old rigs. Tubeless is a necessity as my home trails are incredibly thorny. Was looking at Firexc Pros but they seem to be pretty narrow (50-559 vs my current 54-559). Budget is around $70 per tire. The trails I ride are very whopper like but I do have the occasional ride at Mcrun. Thanks for any suggestions!

Lemme look through my bin of tires and see what I can find for you.


I’m running a Maxxis Advantage EXO 26x2.4 on front and a Maxxis Aggressor 26x2.3 rear. The Advantage is a long time favourite front and rear, this is my second or 3rd season running the Aggressor rear and it’s fine, not quite as sure footed on slick roots as the Advantage but plenty good.
The Advantage is long discontinued in this particular size so I have some Maxxis Minion DHF 3C EXO on standby to try next.


That would be awesome thanks!

@Chrisk I have a pair of studded 26" tires I made a number of years ago using sheet metal screws and seatbelts for tire liners. They are like super glue on the ice. You can have them if you like

I already have a set of ice spikers on the univega but thanks for the offer!

I have some UST Micheline tires 261.95 and a pair of 2bliss specialized 262.00 if you want them. I think I will be in hrm next week sometime.

That would be awesome! Can definitely figure out a time to meet. Shoot me a pm