27.5 Boost Wheelset for sale

Selling the Roval 27.5+ Boost wheelset that came stock on my Stumpjumper. Rear hub needs to be replaced. Rim and spokes are good. Front wheel in good shape. Tubeless ready. Specs listed with bike specs here: https://www.specialized.com/ca/en/stumpjumper-fsr-comp-6fattie/p/118413?color=209281-118413
$100 Obo.

Whats up with the hub? Fixable or toast?

Toast. Not sure if I have the details correct, but the part of the hub that the freehub locks up to is broken. I’ve broken lots of freehubs in my time, and they usually either completely lock up turning the bike into a fixie, or completely freewheel so that you can’t pedal at all. This partially locked up, like a slipping transmission in a car. It would pedal on flat ground, but under load climbing a hill would slip.

Would u be willing to sell just the front? I’m looking for a new wheel because the boost kit I have for mine is toast.

I have spare parts for that hub. Might be able to fix it for you if you’d like…

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Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, guys - holiday stuff. Ryan, we could take a look and see what we can do. Evan, if you can hold off a bit, I’ll talk to Ryan and see if we can make the rear wheel work. If not, I can sell the front and throw in the rear as a future project if you’re interested.

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Hi just wondering if I’d be able to buy the front wheel soon ish if the deal for the set falls through

I am interested in your wheels are they sill available?

Still available?