27.5+ will this catch on?

I’m getting a little jaded by the bike industry fads and crazes but it seems to me this small tweek on a 27.5 to give the possibility of a 3.5" tire might be something useful. (for winter use instead of a dedicated fat bike)

This article is for a fork but I’m assuming the frame would support a wider tire our back as well.

I can see where you’re coming from @jeffv but I don’t think a new fork and front hub is what you’d call a “small tweak”. I imagine many existing frames and forks might have problems with a 3.5" tire. So for the price of a Fox 34, hub and probably wider rims you’d better off just buying a fat bike.

Being a fat fan this “new” segment has me intrigued @JeffV. there are several tires out there to fit the bill, but no bikes yet. I would be interested in one as my spring\summer\fall bike + a dedicated fattie for winter.