29+ Semi Fat | Surly Krampus

Trying to bridge the gap between fatbike and mtn bike? Maybe?

Its interesting all the same.

29+ Semi Fat | Surly Krampus | Fatbike Republic

Surley has been promoting the + bikes for a couple of years now, 26+ Instigator 2.0 with 2.7" wide tires and the 29+ Krampus with 3" wide. I bet they’re both fun to ride. I’d probably already own an Instigator if I could. When it comes down to it I think 2.3" is plenty wide.

The Surly ECR is what gets me excited. 29+ and rack mounts galore.

And RM just came out with the 27.5+ carbon Sherpa, but its $5400. Ouch