29r Short Travel Bikes

Long time no post. With the upcoming season I’m looking to find a short travel 29r FS. 3500 top limit but would rather pay 2750 ish. What do you reccomend?

In that price range your going to get a great bike no matter which brand you choose. So it will come down to what fits and feels right for you. Hit up the shops and take as many different bikes out for a test ride as you can. Or better yet, watch for demo days where you can take the bikes out on some actual trails.

Im an XL, curious as too see what shops will have for sure. Norco Fluid looks sweet, thats for sure.

I just sent you a message.

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I looked hard at the Fluid but settled on the Trance 29 because of the much lighter weight.

The Fuel EX is nice but the trim level won’t be as good as the Giant or the Norco.

What does a Trance 29 run a guy anyhow? 3400 before tax or so eh


Well guys went to see Bruce at Hub, set me up with a killer price on the Fluid Fs3! So its been decided. Thanks for the input!


Norco’s use the Horst Link (Specialized) suspension design, which I’m a fan of. Have fun with it!!

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Be my first modren full sus. Its got far more agressive Geo than my chromag, so hipefully gets me to push myself a bit more.