$2k Full Suspension?

Aside from the 2020 Norco Fluid FS3 for $2099, are there any other full suspension bikes available in NS or NB for ~$2k new? I honestly can’t find anything under ~$2699.

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Giant Stance sells for 1999.99 and up plus tax…


Marin’s start around 2K https://www.marinbikes.com/ca/bikes/20-hawk-hill-1

You can also get a GT Sensor for 2K https://www.gtbicycles.com/usa_en/sensor-sport
Even lower priced GT’s can be found such as the Verb Elite at around 1,700 https://www.sportchek.ca/categories/shop-by-sport/cycling/bikes/mountain-bikes/product/gt-verb-elite-275-mens-mountain-bike-2019-green-332731315.html#332731315[color]=332731315_99

I remember watching this a while back, prices are probably in USD but still something worth considering for spec comparisons and potential brand options

Yep I’ve watched that video and most prices were in USD. I should contact Marin’s canada office to see if they ship.

EDIT: The only two brands I know for certain are available in Atlantic Canada are Norco and Giant. Vitus and Fezzari are both imports, which takes them out of the equation because the extra duty costs and shipping will significantly add to cost. As mentioned above, Marin is unknown. They have a BC office but no idea if they’ll ship direct.

It would be with checking in at various bike shops too. Allot of bikes that retailed for 2,500 or more may be getting down to that 2K mark your aiming for if they have been on the floor for a while…

No harm in a two year old brand new bike after all!


I got 1 of these left in Large

I would lbe happy to give it a great home for $2000 + tax


Totally agree @Pepperjester . My goal is to pick up something new, and I’m not bothered if it’s not a 2020 model. I expect my challenge will be finding a frame to fit, since I usually ride a M, possibly a L depending on the exact geometry.

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Mikes in Moncton has left overs all the time. check their site and lots of giants close to that range