6 Bolt or Center Lock

Any opinion?

I was always firmly in the 6 bolt camp, but my new bike came with Center Lock and I have to say I’m a convert. Much quicker to add and remove a disk, and it’s also ever so slightly lighter (at least in comparing XT vs XT rotors).

Harder to deal with on-trail, I suppose, but I have to admit that I’ve never had to remove or install a rotor trail side in all my years of riding.


I have always had 6 bolts and the thought of stripping one always stresses me out even though I am super anal about cross threading and torque. Was thinking CL might be a better way

Center lock if you have a choice. I have both and center lock is a no brainer for first place.

Don’t sweat busted bolts, I’ve got some wheels with one or two bolts sheared off, haven’t had any issues.


I’ve never had a center lock rotor come loose, but I have with 6-bolt. As already pointed out, center lock is just so much easier it’s a no-brainer.


Never had a rotor come loose, but have had some loose bolts. One of them ate the inside of an old fork before I realized what the sound was.

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I had this happen once as well. One bolt backed out and started chewing into the fork. But this was on a 2003 Jr T on a 2003 Norco Torrent in about 2006, haven’t had an issue since. So i’d say it’s pretty much a non issue for me.

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I find there’s a tiny bit of play in the rotor with the centerlock interface. Probably not enough to affect performance, and maybe it’s all in my head, but it bothers me enough that I stick with 6-bolt for my main wheels. The backup wheels have centerlock rotors, but that’s what they came with.

Centerlock all the way.

Looks like Chris King boost hubs are only available in Centerlock now. No more 6 bolt.

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Centre lock all the way have had both, and my new wheel wouldn’t hold a bolt in the 6 bolt without extra torque and lots of lock tight.

Lost a complete rotor (onto the axle) on the Walking trail.

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IMO its the same as the difference between SRAM or Shimano.

But you cant put oil slick bolts on a centerlock.



According your bike, XC and trail center lock is better, but enduro and down hill, 6-bolts are the good choice,
For road bikes, center lock is a trend, but for mountain bikes, at least for a long time, center lock and 6-bolts will coexist for a long time,

Maintenance both are very troublesome for non professionals; For those with some experience, center lock is easier to learn.

For long-distance riding, 6-bolts is still more reliable than center lock.
JIm Lee from Lightcarbon