9 Mile River Trails

rode today and took 14" sharktooth saw and fiskar along. Amazing trail; i cant believe i have negleted to ride for so long. All blow-down has been cleared.

All I can say is WOW. That is a great beginning. If the trail association can get in on this and set a precident, we will be well on the way to great trails. It’s short right now, but uber fun for all skill levels. Keep in mind it’s multi-use, so show some respect if you visit it. Kudos to DNR and the builders up in Hants. I don’t mind my tax dollars going to this at all.

This trail was built by Garnet McLaughlin and his crew. I have been working with Garnet for the past 3 weeks revamping the local trail in Delaps Cove. I showed Garnet some of the comments posted on Pedaltrout regarding the 9 Mile River trails and he was excited to see the positive feedback, however he does have a couple of concerns and he plans to become a member of this site to post his own comments.

So, do you live up by Delap’s cove? I always thought it would be a sweet little ride in there someday.
Tell him he’s doing a great job for me. At least until he joins up himself! Does he ride, or does the flow just come naturally when he builds?

Garnet and crew have done some top notch work for sure

I’d love to hear his concerns hopefully we can all work together on this and assit Garnet in continueing the great work.

as I posted in another thread I do have gps data for any one interested?

Terryaki… are you at liberty to express any of Garnet’s concerns I’d hate for anyone to unknowingly sour this ?

The only concern he had expressed to me is that the area is mostly clay and he thought there should be no riding on it after a lot of rain as that will just ruin the trail. Garnet’s thought was to have somebody act as a trail ambassador to keep others off of the trail after heavy rain. He does hope to be able to build the other “future” trails as funds are raised. He certainly would be glad to have some volunteers participate in the trail work.

I live in Granville Ferry, about 20 kms from Delaps Cove but have ridden from home to the trail and out to Victoria Beach. The trail we are working on is only about a 2 km loop with another 2 km loop wilderness trail about 1.5 km further down the fire road towards Victoria Beach.

Garnet does have a bike but is unable to do much riding as he does work a lot and has a family. It is interesting to see how he sites a new trail. One of the main concerns is not to build straight down a hill as water flow will do more damage than anything else.

Here are some pictures of the De;aps Cove trail work we have done so far.http://resource.pedaltrout.com/old_site_images/ddba534d8844a6784a84cd5476519475.jpghttp://resource.pedaltrout.com/old_site_images/94961cc2fae1775533e2547e8d3052b9.jpghttp://resource.pedaltrout.com/old_site_images/7e67aec97fc42bf088713e9216101175.jpghttp://resource.pedaltrout.com/old_site_images/7dbb184686fb97bf1a629172397723e0.jpg

9 Mile River is as good as I’ve seen it. Try and get to it today before it rains!

some good news to report about the nine mile trails system. the next section of singletrack has been cut and there is now a back loop which comes out just up above the pond where the end of the first trail stops at. if you look at the map in the parking lot it is the loop in the upper left corner. the trail is much more raw than the main trail but still fully ridable just more old school style. this is just what was needed to make the trail that much more fun to ride. now if we could just get in there and do some work on some of those wet spots this place would be golden.

I’d love to get in there and do some work I have a few friends who might tag along too

if we have the blessing of Garnette and some Vets fior guidence it could be allot of fun

Perhaps, this is a project to work with Garnet on, especially after attending the IMBA workshop this week. If Garnet does have more work planned for this trail system people should not just go in and do their own thing.

Earl left a lot of trees down.

Some I could move, others could use a chainsaw.