A ecmtber soon to be abroad

Aaron aka Rally kia, whom was once an owner of pedaltrout and this site, will soon be spreading his wings to experience Yellowknife as his home.

Not only is he a great friend and cyclist, he is an excellent mechanic, and is extremely entertaining. Aaron currently works at Bicycles Plus as a mechanic and his wife Barbara is involved in the Giant bicycles Ambassador program.

We wish them the best in Yellowknife and hope to hear some great stories, see some great pictures and hope they visit us often back here in Nova Scotia.

Aaron’s a good guy- has helped me out a few times at Bicycles Plus and turned me on to a couple of trails too. Sorry to see him go but wish him all the best!

Very good people will be missed by many
When is the going away party?

We have something in the works Spin. Stay tuned!