A first for me

Had a first for me last night- running a UST tire setup and pinch flatted my rear tire. Made a hole right through the tire with an unintended hit on a rock off a small drop while zipping downhill. Had put in my emergency tube trailside. Fun!

That can’t be the first time you changed a tube on a trail is it?

Lucky you. I have changed so many the boys don’t even wait for me anymore. They keep going and I get it done so quickly that I catch up in no time.

I just switched over to tubeless though so hopefully this is a thing of the past. I still carry a spare tube though cause, you know, s**t happens

No, not my first time putting in a tube on the trail but first time flatting tubeless (UST) though… and luckily I always carry a tube so it was just a matter of breaking the bead, getting the valve out and putting in the tube. The UST tubeless tire/rim combo is pretty damn tight!

Sorry, I didn’t know that UST meant tubeless. I can see how that would be a bit more difficult

All part of the fun!