A Friendly Safety Reminder

This sucks. Just a reminder to keep an eye out for cable/wire stretched across a trail to keep the trail “closed”. It happens near the start.


A buddy sent this to me and reminds me how careful we have to be

Just crazy. I have never heard of this type of sabotage happening on trails around here but it is scary to think that people would actually put things like wires up that would intentionally hurt riders. sad.

Muddy, do you know where that trail is? Assume it’s somewhere in Halifax because a lot of that guy’s other videos feature trails around HRM.

Apparently up by Mount Saint Vincent, it’s not quite clear to me if it’s on private property but it seems it is marked ‘no tresspassing’.


Even private property has to have all chains/wires marked with safety tape. That’s crazy.

Yeah I agree that this incident totally sucks, I feel for the dudes, apparently they got pretty badly hurt. If that was my property the chain would be marked very clearly. There’s talk of legal action. I don’t know all the details but… In my opinion If you’re trespassing on private property and get hurt it’s your own fault not the landowner.

Of course it would be entirely different if it was deliberately placed across an existing trail where previously there was no chain, and was not clearly marked as an act to injure people.

I would be upset if this happened to me, but the signs on the tree look much older than the chain, and very obvious.
It looks like the landowner has had some issues with trespasses for some time, and seems to have placed the chain low to prevent atvs. It is not at chest or neck height like people who do this type of thing to injure people normally place them. I’d say he/shenever thought that people on bicycles may be riding the trail.

I agree with Brent, if you are trespassing, you need to expect that something bad may happen to you.

Part of me thinks this was staged anyway… who wears body armor and full face helmets to ride atv trails?

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I agree, as a landowner, it sucks that if someone comes on my land with no trespassing signs and hurts themselves I’m liable. Seems silly to say the least. However, the chain on my road is very well marked and there are signs present during the winter/spring indicating private property/no trespassing.

Mike, some of us can’t even find your road, let alone trespass on it!! :wink:

That’s the plan with it actually. Should have heard the reaction last summer when I suggested putting a sign up for it to some fellow cottagers…

This video made it to the Pinkbike front page today.

Agreed… you could ride this trail on your road bike. I suppose it links up to some rather interesting trail if one needs full DH protection to ride it.

Love the comments on Pinkbike, way better than I expected. “Bunch of Joeys”, haha