Haha! Diggin’ the Redbull parody… :lol:

Nice teats!

Turple : LIKE.

Course map done by Doug Smith. Looks like a great course especially with all the hardwork done by the many volunteers who prepared the course this year.

there have been some major changes to the course this year. most of these changes come in the climbing and exit sections. the highly hateful climb mid way thru the lap which goes up to four corners has been re routed to provide a much smoother tempo climb. the end of the loop has also seen a re route as well to avoid some wet sections and the wet wet grass road climb out to the gravel road to end your lap. the new section that was revealed last year has a new bridge to aviod the mud and exit onto the river runs thru it. a new exit has also been cut for the river run and while still a work in progress it’s a big step up from being on that grass road and all the mud and crap that sucked the life out of your legs.

You folks have been busy! Sounds like there is a great time to be had this weekend. I hope all participants have a great race and the weather is dry.

And an early Happy Birthday to Tom!

I washed my bike in anticipation on pristine, dry trails tomorrow.