A Little Perspective Olympic Style

You guys should try a XC race this year! It’s fun as all get out. Just get a one-day set up and try it out. Super fun. Man. And those Olympic guys are in sick shape.

On Sunday I was inspired bt the Mens Mountain Bike race at the Olympics and decided to go for a ride in Shubie Park as all the other trails were too wet to ride.

I rode from Mic Mac Mall to the end of the Lake Charles Extension (as far as you can go on the trail). I only stopped once, for 2 minutes at the end of the first half. I covered 17.8kms in exactly 56 minutes of riding time. When I finished I could have easily thrown up. I laid prone on someones lawn for 2-3 minutes afterward.

Jarolav Kulhavy of the Czech Republic won Olympic Gold by riding 34.1kms in 1:29:07. He covered almost double my distance in a little over 1.5 x the time. And I had 2 minutes rest in between pieces and not one abstacle to negotiate or rider to battle for position. YIKES!!!

Is it too late for me to start training for 2016?

I belive in you brother! http://resource.pedaltrout.com/old_site_images/c676407db519bdf42481870746f097d8.gif

I ride in Shubie a lot, it is a great trail to get a good workout on. Those racers are amazing, to go at race pace for an hour and a half solid, with tough climbs and technical sections is incredible. I tried a very similar thing on Sunday doing only one stop halfway through 16 kms and that was pretty tough!