A new dream team: Contador and Basso

EVERYBODY needs friends to suffer with them!!!
Gee, maybe we should hold a Pedaltrout super-fundraiser (Government enjoys funding ‘trade missions’) to do one (or four) of these things. I’m thinking seriously about hooking up with a pro team or news agency to photograph at least one of the big tours in my lifetime.

That’d be pretty cool, too!

The Cycling news reports that Contador has signed a new deal with Specialized, cool in itself. But also stated in the article is a mention that Basso may join his team for 2010. He may truly be unstopppable then.
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Should be an interesting year

looking forward to seeing if Team Radio Shack will be a real contender too

I’m wondering if Cervelo is changing its lineup at all. Sure, building a team around 2008 tour winner Carlos Sastre seemed like a good idea - but he was looking a touch past his pro prime this season.
It’ll be interesting to see what form Super Lance will be in against a gazelle like Contador. Has anybody any news on the Radio Shack - Livestrong lineup? Have they built a serious team around SL?

Man! It’ll be an exciting season for sure!

All I know about Lance is from Twitter and he appears to be in serious training mode!!

I liek what lance has done outside of cycling and in cycling… I hope he does well

I’d really like to do his vancouver to Texas ride one of these years

be nice to get a team together to have friends to suffer along with me