A Warning Message to Female Riders in HRM and surrounding ar

I rode from the Sobeys in Fall River to the Enfield Big Stop some time in June but didn’t notice a truck, or person, of that description. I would notice any vehicle carrying a bike. Thank you for posting this so that us women can be aware of such a person. I guess we always have to be on guard … that’s a shame.

This message was recently posted by a local rider on another internet site . I am reprinting it here with her permission as a heads up to all female riders.

an FYI to women out road biking/mtbing/running:

After some discussion with some tri folk (women), I thought I would post this info here in case another woman experiences the same thing, as this man in a brown Tacoma truck was seen on Sunday, July3rd and last Friday July 1st. Apparently this has happened more than just this past weekend.

Here is a summary:

I had a freaky experience Sunday evening riding to Enfield. A guy in a brown tacoma followed my route from Prince Albert Rd. to the Big Stop in Enfield. He passed me about 6 times. Stopped on the side of the road at one point. At first I thought he was lost, looking for the mountain bike trails as he had a white cannondale mountain bike in the back of his truck, but when he went by three times before I reached the Irving on Rocky Lake road and was stopped on the side of the road, I thought something was suspicious.

Though he seemed friendly, I was trying to figure out if I knew him or if he thought maybe he knew me. When I got to the Sobey’s in Fall River at the lights, he then drove out from the intersection at Tim Horton’s onto Waverley Rd. towards Enfield. I thought that was a bit odd, he just happened to turn out when I reached there. Then I thought maybe he lives out that way… but by the time I got to the Big Stop he drove by again back towards Fall River. So, this is over a span of about 2 hours? I’m guessing.

I posted this with the question if other women have encountered him. He had dark crew-cut hair, Caucasian, but had sunglasses on. Maybe 5’9-6’ tall when I saw him out of his truck. I received some information from a few people who said to report him with license plate if a similar incident happens and to not talk to him. He has freaked women in the past when they have been riding/running apparently. Again - he has a brown Tacoma truck with a white Cannondale mountain bike in the back of his truck.

Ride safely out there. I would have never thought I would have to think about these things while out on my bike!