Aaron's Birthday Ride at the Links!

Here you go folks, you are all cordially invited! Always a good time on the mountain.

pedaltrout.com/event/aarons- … the-links/

Updated the date with the proper date. June twenty ninth. My bad, not a computer whiz… See you there!

Coming up soon, folks! Sounds like there’s going to be a good crowd there already.

Can’t wait to ride the links with you buddy hope the sun shines for you big day . If any body wants to carpool with me I have room for one bike and one passenger I will be leaving from Eastern Passage.

Still need to get my schedule for this week, but will know tomorrow for sure.

Most of the trails are in great shape in Woodville right now. The top trails have been leafblown and lopped in the last two weeks and are running really fast. Hopefully the rain holds off for Saturday.

I will be heading up early (9ish), to do some riding and then meet up with Aaron and crew at 11 for a loop. I need to be at work at 4pm.

Don’t worry about it. Cancelling tomorrow’s ride due to poopy weather. Might try again next year.

Happy Birthday nonetheless. Hope you get out for some good riding over the long weekend.

You and me both! Thanks.

I might just see how long I can ride my BMX inside each mall before I get caught/banned.

Might sneak out on 1st lake/2nd lake or similar for a rip. Can’t hurt the trails, and it’s close to home.

Happy prelated birthday Aaron…

The enduro is next Sunday at the Links. Could be a belated birthday ride?