ACES Enduro #2?

Does anyone have any information regarding this race on Aug 13/14?
Supposedly it is a 5 stage Enduro race, hosted somewhere in the Greenwood area?
Bicycle Nova Scotia has very little information on it, and the contact number forwards you to CFB Greenwood switchboard.

Any details would be good to have.

ACES Enduro #2

One of our employees was asking about this as well. He hasn’t gotten very far yet.

Noticed Atlantic Enduro Series has an instagram page so I sent them a DM. Their reply…

There is no race in Greenwood. It was an error generated by the autofill function of the BNS forms site.

Their email is if you want to contact them.

Thanks @Rolls

I figured Greenwood would be a strange place to hold an Enduro event.

I’m still wondering what the Atlantic Enduro Series is? The Logo is saying Est. 2016, but I can’t find any information online at all. Weird.

So there is no race in Greenwood, but is there any Endurpo event planned at all for that weekend?

St John’s Nfld in September?

Nice find @bent6543.

Who’s up for a trip in September? A full fledged enduro series in the region would be awesome.

Thanks for the email address. I’ve been trying to get a hold of them and not having a ton of luck.

I also sent them a message on their instagram page regarding a Nova Scotia event.
They replied that there will be an event Aug 13/14 with details to be announced this week sometime. I’ll update anything I find out on this thread.

Hi. I’m the one who manages the Bicycle Nova Scotia website. Just got the heads up that there was some confusion around this. I’m going to pull the event until I get some more info. People upload their events and we don’t always have the details.

If anyone hears anything new, or has a direct contact, please let me know so I can edit the event:



The FB page for Atlantic Enduro Series just went up.

Events at Fitzpatrick Mountain in August and St.John’s NL in September.


Beat me to it @Rolls.

I’m liking the chipped timing. Will have to head up soon for a road trip to check out the area.
Will it be the same trails used in this weekends BNS XC race?

Here’s the page for Enduro Event on the Bicycle Nova Scotia site.

We’ll have registration details up when we get them.

Also, all BNS sanctioned races can be found here:


I wonder how many people are going to travel to both races.

I’d love to, but the Newfoundland trip will be big bucks to travel and stay solo. The ferry is about $400 one way and you still are about a 1.5 hour drive to St John’s
If a contingent from NS made the trip together and camped out for the weekend it could be more manageable for sure.

Cheaper to fly. Return for $300. Just went there and back last weekend. Not sure about the cost for a bike though. Plus driving requires and entire day of travel.

$50-100ish to check the bike as baggage, and you still need to figure out the transportation to event/accommodations. Unless you could just bike there (pack lightly) from the airport, or make use of a shuttle service. Flying would defintely get you closer, much faster than the ferry for less money.

Registration for the NS and NFLD races went live today.!/events/atlantic-enduro-series-nova-scotia-race

Anyone else doing the Scotsburn race on Aug. 14th?

This weekend’s enduro race in Scotsburn (Fitz) has been rescheduled to October. From the organizers…

With the current forest fire risk in Nova Scotia and in keeping our Land owners, Volunteers, and Participants safety in mind we regret to inform you sports fans that we are rescheduling our event in Scotsburn to the 15 - 16 of October 2016. There is currently a travel ban in place for woods travel province wide for all recreational users until the 22nd of August, although some exceptions can be made we feel the risk of complications is not worth it. We hope to see you all at our September 18th race in St. John’s and the new date for Scotsburn (the fall foliage will be worth the trip alone) An email to all currently registered will be coming out shortly explaining your options, thank you for your patients and continued support.

Luke and Duncan