Acres of forest knocked down at Long Lake

Long Lake

Probably a developer who doesn’t give a shit. Better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

Just like when Armoyan filled in part of the Northwest Arm to build a better boathouse or dock or something like this. They fined him $200,000 (or something like that) and he just adds that to the cost of construction. He gladly pays $200,000 to get what he wants.

Unreal. It would appear that this area is east of the trail network, does anyone know for sure?

@brightwhite it sounds like it was in this area, near the Irving on Old Sambro Rd.

Rolls is correct, that’s the area. when I drove past last night on my way home it was hard to see just how much destruction there was as there’s a section of trees left between the road and the clear cut. The heavy equipment (skidder, tree harvester, etc.) was still parked in the cleared lot just past the Irving.

Shouldn’t that make it really easy to find out whodunit?

Pretty wide trail.

Sub-contractor pleads guilty in clearcutting case.

It would be nice if the fine was large enough to buy 3.8 hectares of forest somewhere in the province for protection.