Adjustable Hand Reamer

Hey everyone, I want to preface this by saying I’ve weighed the pros and cons and this will be going forward. Not looking for judgement or opinions.

I am looking to open up my seat post tube from 30.00 mm to the more common 30.9 mm so I can access better sizing for a dropper post. Before I spend the money on an adjustable hand reamer that will likely only ever be used once; is there anyone in the city that has the right size for the application? I will of course insist I pay for using it/borrowing it.


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Following this with interest, I too have an older Kona with the oddball 30.0mm seatpost diameter.

If a few people end up needing the use of one, Ill buy one. Id suggest a reaming party but I worry about the implications… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Cyclesmith used to have a reamer. Not sure if it survived the many moves or if it ended up with Tamarack Cycles. I would call and try to speak to a more senior person about it.

I could, however Cyclesmith has become a last resort. Over the past year and a half every time I’m in the experience makes me wonder why I go back. Every. Single. Time. No exaggeration.

The cost wouldn’t be worth it for them to do it.

If nothing by the weekend, I’m just going to order one online and will offer it up to people who could use it.


Couldn’t agree more with that first paragraph.


I have a Raceface turbine standard seatpost I could sell or trade. 30.0mm. Doesn’t fit any of my bikes.

It’s terrible that is the experience received at one of the nicest bike shops in the city.