All day ridin

One of the rides in Tossed Salad’s/Mixed Green’s trails book was the Tour d’Nowhere… 90km(?) if I remember correctly on dirt. Seems to me it was from Hammonds Plains(?) to Windsor(?).

I’m drooling over the rides that folks do down in the desert area etc of the states. Where in NS would you folks go for a “all day ride” something like 5 or 6 hours. AKA “epic” ?

Not that I have the time… damn kids! :slight_smile: Just curious.

I want to do the whole Old Coach Road sometime. It’d have to be in the winter when everything’s frozen, or summer or fall when things are good and dry though. I’m guessing out and back would take 5-6 hours.

nova scotia has lots of potential epic off road riding, although most of it would be logging roads, abandoned rail lines and power line and natural gas pipeline service roads. local snowmobile and atv clubs have kilometers of trail in almost every part of the provence some of which is only passable in winter or is on private land for use by permit holders. there is almost no part of nova scotia that doesn’t have a road into it somewhere. i agree with rockhopper, things would have to be good and dry. even then things could be a soupy rutted mess or a total bog.

some good spots that could connect up to some singletrack if you do some research: wentworth area, the wolfville/kentville area. spider lake has the pipeline running near by, you could go to cape breton or amherst from there. chester-bridgewater area has tons of trail. from bedford(jacks lake, the range) you could ride to windsor completely on dirt, via pockwock.
if you’re GIS and GPS/google earth savvy there are tons of tracklogs for trails avaliable for free download on many sites. also all of the service roads/ logging roads can be extracted form the ns dept of forestry netlin (
i’d love to do some multi day offroad touring someday but kids are limiting that kind of activity for me too.

Someone get ahold of Doug Smith! He’s the man for this stuff.

Brent is right. Out in our neck of the woods we could potentially begin in Pockwok, ride through the uniacke estate, hit Grutner, then gray mountain and end up at the Gorge.
No kids, just critters.
An all day epic could happen. My critters can watch your kids!

I LOVE big epic rides. Put the 24/38/48 triple to good use! Also, I have a NS Backroads atlas that is pretty handy.

I’ve been eyein that backroads atlas… eyein it hard.

Like anything I’ve no idea how I’d time one of these, but I’d be up for one of these epic rides some day. Like a road ride… but on dirt! :stuck_out_tongue: