Am I too short for a 29er?

Hey guys so i’ve been thinking about tire sizes and my next bike to get next year and im wondering if you think that 5ft 5ish height is too short to run 29er wheels, I think I tried a 29er today at the kona demo and it felt fine so just looking to see what you guys think. My next bike would also have to fit me for a good amount of years so i will be getting taller as i have the bike.

The companies I deal with at work state that 29ers are good for 5’2 and up. I would more question how you are planning on using the bike. I.e. xc, DH, jump etc


Mostly just regular trail use, not really much jumping and maybe going to keppoch every once awhile

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im 5ft6 on a size small 29er i can trow it around just fine, ride it in victoria park, fitz and wentworth so a variety of terrain, i know a few ladies shorter than me on 29ers as well


Im 5’4”ft I Rode fatbike s for a while . It’s duable but in long xc ride my back hurts and if I roll it on lake loop fight trail, it’s a slog and just no good. 29 skinny is always the same but should be fast and rolling on rooty technical sections, on boulders a bit of a workout.

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i might not go with a 29er then because i want something playful and definitely want to be able to do lake loop

For reference I do about 100ish km a week on my size small hei hei 29er (100mm xc bike)30km a day average with no issues on the body, so long as bike fit is setup correctly.

That’s XC riding and racing Victoria park, downhill at Wentworth and tons of climbing and descending at fitz. it goes off drops and tabletops etc. I would more worry about fit, geometry and travel for what you want to ride.

XC bike for go fast, trail as an all rounder Enduro I personally find to be overkill in most trails here. Just get something you will enjoy and use the hell out of demos to figure it out if you can it’s worth your time to do so!