Angle Headsets

Thinking of stretching my Knolly out a little by putting on an angle set. Anyone running one?
The Endorphin has a 67 degree headtube angle so I was thinking taking it down 1.5 or 2 degrees. From what I’m reading, it shouldn’t make my cockpit feel much different. It will lower BB height. Just wondering if anyone here has switched to one and what they thought of the results.

I have a 2 degree Wolftooth geoshift headset on my 2011 Niner RIP9. Stock geo is a 69 degree head angle, it defintely feels like an improvement with the slacker geo for my riding. I was also super impressed with the quality of the Wolftooth headset too.

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It seems all their products are pretty good quality. I’m also looking at Waltworks and Cane Creek.

With 2 degrees of change, assuming your are going slacker???

I have never used one but the ride9 on the newer rockies slightly changes geo, smaller increments then 2

You will most likely notice it more stable at speed, and a lower bb, “should” allow u to track in certain corners a tad better. Could potentially also cause u some newer issues as well depending on how far the bb drop is.

I think the possible issue, could be that without making other small adjustments like, faster rebound and lever position you may be put a bit further back, causing a bit of drift up front.

Whenever I personally think about changing or adding something to my bike I try to visualize where it physically puts me on the bike.

I would also search some knolly specific threads to see if its caused any frame stress issues to anyone out there.


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For my Niner when they released the bike back in 2011 their press release included a mention of using the Cane Creek angleset along with different fork travel lengths to dial in your desired slack or steep geometry. I pushed it a little bit further since the Cane Creek maxes out at 1.5 and I also overforked by 10mm but doubt it’s anything the frame can’t handle plus and the bike has been feeling great.

The Knolly already has a fairly low BB height and slack seat tube angle. Both things that need to be considered. It has a Cane Creek 40 on it now that is probably getting ready for a bearing replacement, so looking at the options.
I’ve been enjoying the “Min-Max” articles on NSMB. Andrew Major seems to suggest putting one on every bike, though that’s a much steeper environment he’s writing from.

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I’ve heard several complaints about the Cane Creek anglesets creaking.
I’ve got a Works Components 1 degree headset in my Ripmo…not much riding on it, but no complaints. Another friend has had one on his Instinct for a few years, and its been great.

That is one thing that that I read about the angle sets in general. Definitely something to keep in mind. It may be drowned out by all the other creaking I’m routinely trying to silence though.

The Cane Creek angle sets are bad for creaking due having a gimbal.
No issues with the Works Components angle sets, and I can’t see why it (or the Wolftooth ones) would be any more prone to creaking than a standard headset.

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I have a Works Components anglest on my fat bike, works just fine.

Only beef is the tick marks they used for alignment are underweight the cups so you can’t see them once you put the headset press on, marks on the sides would have made installation much easier.

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