Animated Avatars

Continuing the discussion from Forum Features (as we discover them):

I just enabled it. Can you test by uploading a new copy? It also mentions I need to run a refresh script on the server, but it may work if you just reload.

Looks like it is working. Thanks.

OK, weird, my avatar where @JeffV quoted me is animated, but the one by my “thank you” post isn’t.

Not something to spend much time on, but just weird one is and one isn’t.

I think its a caching issue. Your avatar gifs are cycling for me now.

Nope, just tried a different browser, no worky.

Don’t worry about it, it really isn’t important.

As I sit reading your post the avatar is cycling.

yours isn’t working for me (Firefox) but I uploaded one and it worked fine as n avatar and as a profile background.

The avatar is cycling on my android phone but not my chrome browser. Strange.

@slider yours works for me in iOS (safari).

@bent6543 cool background!