Annapolis Basin Outdoor Adventures

Looks like a new trail system currently being built at the upper clements park site.

From the ABOA facebook page:

Good news! Annapolis County has approved our request for initial funding for trail construction. The funds will take a week or two to be transfered to ABOA. We are hoping to have the excavator on site around October 10th. Our plan is to have 7 km of trails built before the weather deteriorates towards the end of November. Our current tasks are to get insurance, sign performance agreement with AC and to lay out and clear the climb trail switchbacks and new singletrack. Before we can officially open to the public, the old zip lines must be removed. The County is actioning this, but I don’t yet have a time line.


Guess that UK private school is definitely not coming to that site then. :joy:

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This would be really cool to see! Thanks for posting.