Annual Remberance Day Ride

My annual Rememberance Day ride will take place on…you guessed it…Rememberance Day!

I think a ride at the Links in Coldbrook would be great! I’m thinking about 1230-1pm meet time at the top parking lot and we can rip around the trails and maybe even do some shuttle runs.

Who’s in?


I’m in!

I’m in as well. It doesn’t say here but I think the facebook post said 12:45?

I’ll be there too.

I’ve done broken my phone. If you need to contact my I’m available via email, facebook etc.

Never been to the links. Can someone give a specific location for start point?

It’s in the trail wiki bro!

Burgess Mountain Rd.

Jetter, Rolls and myself are car pooling down and have room for one more. We’re meeting at Starbucks in Bayers Lake (across from Wendy’s) at 11:00.