Another newb question. Bare with me lol

First time ive ever had to change my chain on my new bike. Used to just ride chains and casettes into the ground with old used bikes lol
Few questions
How to know which chain to buy?
How much should i be spending on a decent chain?
Do u guys by local or online for chains?
If anyone can help put abit id appreciate it thanks

What is your drivetrain?

If its 11 speed a PG1110 can be had for 20 bucks at mec. Even if you replace it 2x as frequently as an 1170 or 1190 (60 bucks). Its cheaper.

I stay away from Shimano chains Sram I run sram shimano I run KmC.

Local is pretty cheap and the savings are not worth online unless you are buying high end chains.

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Right on thanks man. My drivetrain is 10 speed shram
ive been meaning to get over to mec to grab some brake pads. Ill have a look at there chains as well
I assume they have a pretty knowledgeable staff there

If you’ve got the tools here’s how to do the swap.

Perfect. Thanks man. Ill save that for when i get a chain. Appreciate it