Any devinci bike owners?

I am on the search for a new rig and one bike that stood out to me was the devinci Troy carbon 29. I would love to have an opportunity to throw a leg over one, or even a devinci spartan. If anyone had ridden one and has likes and dislikes, please tell me. Also if there is anyone else willing to let me test ride there bike it would be greatly appreciated.

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I tried divinci before, i dont remember the year models exactly but 2016-2019 ones. i tried the spartan and troy. the bikes rode well for me. One think i noticed was that the bb sits quite higher than other all mountain /trail bikes. The bikes were very light compared to my commencal. the new troys have superboost spacing for rearhub and an geometry adjuster chip if its important to you.

Check with the Train Station Bike and Bean. They are a dealer.


Sportwheels was/is a dealer too. I had one years ago and it was definitely a nice bike.

I believe Sportwheels is still a dealer, but if you want a new Devinci it will have to be ordered in.

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Last time I visited Sportwheels they mentioned that it can be tricky to order from Devinci because they apparently require multi-bike orders from dealers, ie the shop can’t special order just one bike. Kinda screwy.

Sportwheels can order whatever you need, Provided manufacturer has stock. Devinci hand welds their frames in house especially those full suspension bikes. They build lower numbers and sometimes its a little tough to get particular units if their not booked. Super awesome company, love their stuff. Kyle who works at Sportwheels (usually Saturdays) has the Django NX. Ive ridden it once, its a robust ride for sure.

According to the Devinci website a few frames are hand welded in Canada mostly the Aluminum Spartan and Wilson and the high end e-bike frames where the spec states “Handcrafted in Canada” . The Troy for example states “Designed & Assembled in Canada” which would lead one to believe it is not welded in Canada. The recent Pinkbike article confirms this were Devinci Cycles adds in the comments that is made oveseas

None of their carbon frames are manufactured in Canada, their aluminum fat bike not welded in Canada and none of their “City & Cycle Path” bikes or road bikes state “Handcrafted in Canada” either. According to their website the vast majority of their bikes are simply “Designed in Canada” so manufactured and assembled overseas.

Just sayin’


Oh look they are like every other bike brand. Minus a few niche companies.

I’m not even certain I’d want a canadian made carbon frame. #snapcity

I don’t have any experience with the new Troy Carbon 29, but for what it’s worth, I bought a 2018 Troy Carbon GX Eagle last year and am quite happy with it. It’s my first carbon bike, and compared to my previous Giant Reign 1, the rigidity of it was the first thing I noticed and liked. The Giant seemed to want to stay planted to the trail, while the Troy seems to want to be hucked around a bit. It feels light and agile, climbs well, and the medium frame seems to fit me (5’11" ish) comfortably.

It has the adjustable geometry, which I currently have in the lower position. I’ve considered switching it to the higher position due to the trails I ride, though I’m not convinced it would make much difference. I might switch it during the Winter for next season…

My reasons for buying:

  • The test ride felt great.
  • Shop owner told me that of all the makes and models he sells, the Troy seemed to have the least issues.
  • Liked the idea of supporting a Canadian company.
  • Wanted to support my local shop and trail builder.