Any full suspension fatties around?

Might be looking to add to the stable.

None local that I know of but a lot of people in my fat bike Facebook groups sware by the Bucksaw.

Yeah, but then I switch over to the singlespeed for a while when I think I’m getting too heavy😉

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I’ve always been quite curious about them. I would love to try one if I got the chance, but then I’d probably come down with another case of upgraditis.


Upgraditis is a incurable terminal condition. Sadly most of us have it and don’t even know.


Oh, I’m well aware that I ‘suffer’ from it!

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Here’s some nice articles on the bucksaw and Farley

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Good reads. Thanks.

There’s a Salsa Bucksaw in NB listed in the Pinkbike buy sell

Ive been gutting to get a full suspension fattie and tested one before at a seller from PEI, 1st it was the bucksaw but apparently it barely fits 4" + up tires which i want to access on the deep snowy days. The farley ex on the other hand can fit 4.5+ up but price point still at my max point i think Mike’s Bike shop in NB can offer you a test drive of it and financing plan too.
Been searching and testing them for a while, but for me it boils down on to where you want to used them. Tried the blizzard on fight trail and front suspension, but only to feel sluggish and hard to roll on the 26x4 fat tires, guess even with a full suspension fattie it would still be hard rolling. Tried them at whopper it does really roll quick and easy over expose roots and granite but it is slow rolling and momentum dependent even brakes are hard to control on mechanical, hydraulic brake on -10 tends to clog too. For me im contented on my 27.5 full sus as my all rounder without snow and a dedicated fattie 26x4 studded for just rolling on snowy and icy days . The trails here are mostly designed for 27.5 blame the builders for this :smile:.
This time im contented with having wheel size options and saved me bucks over getting a brand new all rounder Fatbike full suspension which is for me over hype! Lol

There is a Salsa dealer in Nova Scotia, too:

I’ve never been, but might be worth a road trip if they have the full sus fatty in stock.


There are quite a few people riding them around here. Mostly Bucksaws. There are a couple of Trek as well. I tested a Medium Bucksaw last year on Subnet (MTB Trail) but it was too cramped for me. The BS will indeed run a 4" tire max . . . while the Trek can go much larger. Unfortunately the trek is a 27.5 so it limits tire availability. The blutos are ok . . . but they do get noodley when the going gets rough. Would love a Foes Muts . . . but waaaay to much money. My buddy actually has a Trek EX 9.8 . . . the carbon FS fattie and it is something else.

call em first as before they told me its order basis for specific salsa availability and procurements!

We can get salsa as well at valley stove and cycle but don’t stock them.

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Thank for all the input guys. I actually remedied the situation today.

Will be picking it up on Friday. [BIG FAT SMILE] :smiley:

Will post a pic soon. [EVEN BIGGER FAT SMILE]



With the 27.5" tires?

Yup. 27.5 x 3.8.
Tire options kinda limited now.
However, the 26 x 4.8 from my Sasquatch will swap right over. Same drivetrain.