Any hidden gems in the Bridgewater area?

In Bridgewater for the weekend and just so happen to have my bike with me. Was planning on checking out river ridge common tomorrow for a spin but was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions? Bonus points if theres jumps but im not getting my hopes up haha.

Thanks for any suggestions. Have a good weekend.

The MARC trails are down there too. Not aware of any jumps.

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Thanks @Rolls !

@Rolls in your opinion which one would you recommend checking out? Im debating on trying to ride both but i wanna take my time and try to explore everything at each spot.

Lots of new trails recently opened up at RRC. It’s not really a jumpy type park but I’d suggest Black and Double Black Bear for some tech with a few natural gaps and rock rolls/ drops to be had. Porcupine Panic also is a good run for getting a bit of a downhill vibe.

MARC Park does have some dirt jumps in their skills park zone. Short and Sweet plus Boulderdash would have some smaller step down jumps too.


Awesome. Thank you man!