Any Ideas on SD Hub Issue?

A picture of the cassette and freehub from a friend’s bike. I initially thought the cassette locking ring was loose but on a closer look I think the hub exploded or something. I will have a video up on it later. I’m thinking the hub is toast.

Did this happen while riding or when the wheel was off the bike? It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it kind of looks like the freehub just pulled out of the hub. Depending on the type of hub and if it happened with the wheel off the bike, it might be an easy fix.

@jetter it happened while he was riding just when he got back to his truck. I’m not too experienced with bike repairs but we did get the cassette off but I couldn’t figure out how to get the hub off. He’s going to take it to an LBS for them to have a look.

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I would say his thru axle backed off. A lot of freehubs now are basically held in place by an endcap and with the axle loosening off you see freehubs start to disengage and come out of the hub. Usually no big deal, just clean it up and push everything back into place but looking at that picture I think I can see a whole spring for a pawl. If that is the case they may have dropped at least one pawl somewhere on the trail.

Agreed, guessing the jam nut on the other side may have backed off, allowing it to back off.
Hopefully the axle isn’t bent!